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BIOCH4NGE® is the technology developed by AB for the production of biomethane from biomass, WWT and OFMSW.
Using the expertise it has acquired in the sector AB has designed a compact, modular, versatile and high-performance system able to recover and convert the gases produced by anaerobic digestion into biomethane to power vehicles. This is suitable for feeding into the grid or can be easily transported by road.

It is the advanced biogas-to-biomethane upgrading system to make your company more sustainable, taking it to the forefront in the quest to achieve a circular economy.


the resource of the future

Biomethane is a renewable energy source consisting of over 97% pure methane. For this reason it can be fed directly into the natural gas grid or transported by road, and is aimed at the transport sector.

Change starts
with AB

BIOCH4NGE® is the innovative system created by AB – the leader in cogeneration and the energy exploitation of renewable sources – to produce biomethane using biogas derived from the anaerobic digestion of biomass, agri-food waste, organic refuse and wastewater.

The upgrading that changes perspective

Biogas produced by an anaerobic digester is full of water and pollutants that have to be removed to ensure that the upgrading system works correctly, producing biomethane suitable for feeding into the network. The first stage of the process carries out this purification.

The flow is initially treated in the “Biogas Treatment” system with a first filtration process along with the elimination of the water, which is condensed by cooling with a purpose-designed chilled water exchanger. The dehumidified gas is compressed, cooled further by a second exchanger and sent to the next treatment phase. This uses activated carbons under optimal pressure and temperature conditions. By passing through the bed of activated carbons the biogas is purified of any remaining pollutants (H2S, VOCs). The “Lead-Lag” configuration of the carbons provides maximum flexibility through a series of valves to enable inverted flows and the bypassing and sectioning of the individual filter, thus ensuring reliability and continuity of service. The pre-treated and purified biogas is then ready for the upgrading process itself, i.e. the separation of methane from carbon dioxide: the gas is compressed to enable it to pass through several stages of membranes separating the CO2 from the CH4. In this way the process is optimised in terms of energy consumption and enables the production of biomethane with characteristics as needed for different uses, maximising efficiency in recovering CH4 from the biogas.

Product range

BIOCH4NGE® is available in standardised units from 150 to 1500 Nm3/h, complete with pre-treatment systems that can be used with existing biogas plants and integrated with possible extensions linked to the liquefaction of gas and the exploitation of CO2. Further solutions in different sizes can be made to measure for the Italian and international markets.


Industrial product

BIOCH4NGE® is entirely designed and produced by AB, being pre-assembled at the Orzinuovi production facility and tested before shipment to the installation site.

Soluzione modulare outdoor

BIOCH4NGE® is a solution designed for outdoor installation; available in different sizes, it guarantees the highest modularity of application.


Being extremely compact, BIOCH4NGE® has been engineered in all respects to restrict the space required for its installation to a minimum and to simplify maintenance operations.


BIOCH4NGE® is quick to install, without the need for on-site construction activities.


BIOCH4NGE® is a flexible solution in terms of both the quality requisites of the gas produced and the residual gas emitted into the atmosphere; in combination with secondary AB systems it ensures the total elimination of CH4 emissions.

Remote control

BIOCH4NGE® is equipped with a centralised monitoring and supervision system, produced and managed by AB, which enables the remote control of all system parameters and related production processes.

Full service

AB guarantees a “Full Service” after-sales maintenance contract providing assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, remote monitoring of the system and the availability of original spare parts.


BIOCH4NGE® integrates perfectly with cogeneration plants to create a “totally sustainable” energy system.


Synergy in Energy Provision

Thanks to the CH4LNG liquefaction system, fully compatible with BIOCH4NGE®, it is also possible to obtain liquid biomethane: the heart of the process is the cryo-cooler, based on the Stirling Cryogenics technology, an alternative system to generate cooling power by compressing and expanding helium in a closed cycle.

CH4LNG is a modular containerized solution also available for small sizes, with competitive CAPEX and OPEX even for small-size plants, plug-in operation and no N2 consumption.

The membrane system

There are various biomethane upgrading technologies available on the market, based on different chemical and physical principles relating to gas separation. AB has chosen the membrane-based system, the most widely used worldwide, consisting of special polymeric materials with a selective permeability useful in separating CH4 and CO2. The pretreated gas is compressed over several phases and sent to different stages of membranes to optimise the operation; two stages aligned in series ensure compliance with grid specifications, while a third stage has the specific task of optimising methane recovery while simultaneously limiting emissions into the atmosphere. Through independent compressions management the control system is able to regulate the operating pressures in the separation stages, thus ensuring the required performance with the lowest possible energy consumption. Other advantages are the simplicity of the process (without intermediate phases or the use of chemicals or consumables) along with high scalability and flexibility – e.g. operation also with partial loads (ideal for possible future plant expansion).

Selective polymeric material

permeating CO2,
retained CH4

Membranes in parallel



No consumable 

Variable pressure and/or n° of membranes


Optimised process

Limited energy consumption

Low plant cost

Also for medium/small-sized installations


Video gallery

360° of the plant

360° of the plant



Visit to a BIOCH4NGE® plant for biomethane production

Visit to a BIOCH4NGE® plant for biomethane production

Facility tour

Facility tour

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Biomethane is a valuable resource, especially in Europe.

Biomethane is a valuable resource, especially in Europe.

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An additional Service
that makes all the difference

AB Service is the AB company dedicated to customer service and maintenance, one of the most efficient in the energy sector. AB Service is currently responsible for the maintenance of more than 1,250 plants by over 310 field technicians and a “full service” rapid response team active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AB’s thirty years of experience and specialisation underline the excellence of its customer service, guaranteeing the optimal performance of its plants and an assured return on investment.
BIOCH4NGE® is equipped with a centralised monitoring and supervision system, produced and managed by AB, which enables the remote control of all system parameters and related production processes.

The maintenance cycle
Maintenance contracts
Training and refresher courses
Remote monitoring and online diagnosis
On-site assistance
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